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Connected Dispersion
Connected Dispersion
Connected Dispersion
Connected Dispersion

Connected Dispersion


Vienna, University of Applied Arts

project with Roy Kim

Campus design : WU Wien

This proposal for a university campus is based on the relationship between semiotic meaning and structural /spatial arrangement.

It has an area of approximately 100.000m2, similar to the new WU Campus. To meet the requirements of semiology, it is necessary that the user information gives us the possibility to control the dimension, density and geometrical transition in terms of three main criteria: function, socialization and morphology.

The campus area serves an educational purpose and also requires increasingly more complex and multifaceted social structures. Arrangement of the area was proposed in terms of scale and frequency of communication. And its usage of density is various according to the functional area, mostly about closeness(distance between people). The closeness between users defines what kind of space you are standing.
As a tool, we generated the cell property, which is regular divided to create intimate space or parametric divided to create a public space in terms of grouping.

Overall geometry of this campus has controlled mostly with a tool, it called metaball function, which generates different values(distance, size of space volume) of mentioned 3 criteria and it shows a complicated geometry on the texture of wall, ceiling and floor as well. And here we suggest a configuration and distribution of academic and non-academic zones using deformations of geometry. Especially the control of user distances produces different room conditions and is achieved by, e.g., the transformation of curvature to a straight line form.

This concept provides subliminal and ubiquitous user guidance by structural elements.